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PoNS® Real Stories: How Mariska Improved Her Ability to Walk

PoNS is proud to improve walking ability for those with multiple sclerosis (MS), so they can Get Back In Step With Life. Mariska, a PoNS-user with MS, spoke to us about her own PoNS journey. Read on to see how PoNS enhanced her mobility, and how others with MS can work towards walking with confidence.

Individual results and experiences may vary. Talk to your doctor to see if PoNS is right for you.

Life Before PoNS

Mariska was diagnosed with MS in 2002, but she experienced symptoms years before that. She felt foot-drop and numbness, particularly on her left side, which impacted her mobility over time. Mariska was prescribed injections to help with her symptoms, but she experienced negative side effects that further interfered with her quality of life.

Having MS isn’t only physically exhausting, it’s emotionally exhausting as well. Individuals with MS like Mariska have to do mental math to gauge how far they can walk on their own and if they have the strength to make it home. When flying, Mariska waited for everyone else to get off the plane so that she could take her time. On good days, she felt the need to wear a foot brace so other people wouldn’t get impatient with her walking speed. When she broke her leg in an accident, Mariska actually enjoyed wearing a cast because, for once, people understood and acclimated for her slower speed.  

As time progressed, Mariska compensated for her MS by shifting her balance and dropping into her hips as she walked, which negatively impacted the mobility of her entire body. When she wanted to reverse those reactive changes, she turned to PoNS.

The PoNS Experience

After researching neuroplasticity, Mariska knew that PoNS would rewire her brain and allow her body to move correctly again. She and her physical therapist worked together to incorporate different exercises into her PoNS routine so that Mariska would move the way she wanted to.

While it was difficult for Mariska to commit to the recommended 100 minutes of PoNS Therapy® a day at first, that changed as she progressed and started seeing real results.

“Seeing the toes on my left foot move again for the first time in years really motivated me to see how much more they’d move the next day. I’m walking as I was 10 years ago, with minimal foot drop.”

With time and patience, Mariska completed 14 weeks of PoNS Therapy and improved her ability to walk.

After PoNS

Mariska has gone on walks where she doesn’t catch her foot at all. In fact, she can’t even remember the last time that happened!

It’s easier for her to walk up and down stairs.

She can stand on one foot without fear of falling, lift her toes and move her foot in a circle, something she hadn’t been able to do in years.

She can lift her leg higher and step into a pair of pants more easily, allowing her to have more independence in her daily life.

She no longer dips into her hip while walking and has improved her walking form overall.

Mariska still has easy days and difficult days. She still has to take into consideration how much strength she will need to get home on walks, and sometimes full mobility is more demanding. However, it is not as great a challenge as it once was.

“PoNS doesn’t stop your MS from doing MS things. Symptoms come and go and get better or worse. But all of the abilities I regained through PoNS have stuck.”

Thanks to PoNS, Mariska, and many others with MS, Got Back In Step With Life.

Do you have MS? Learn how PoNS has improved walking ability for others like you.  

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