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PoNS®: A nonsurgical device that helps improve walking ability for those with multiple sclerosis (MS)

Now Available
by Prescription
for Veterans

Now Available
by Prescription
for Veterans

PoNS Portable Neurostimulator

What is PoNS?

PoNS, short for Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator, is an orally applied therapy that delivers neurostimulation through a mouthpiece connected to a portable controller.

It’s used primarily at home, with physical rehabilitation exercise, to improve walking ability in people with MS.

MS in the Veteran Community

MS impacts Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that 55,000–70,000 Veterans live with MS in the United States

MS is on the Rise

In the last 15 years, there has been an ~82% increase of MS in the Veteran population, according to the Veterans Affairs Multiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence

Difficulty walking is one of the most common limitations for people with MS. This can have a big impact on simple day-to-day activities such as grocery shopping, walking to the mailbox, and spending time with family.

Physical therapy (PT) is known to provide therapeutic benefits to MS patients who have difficulty walking. However, PT alone may not be enough to provide long-term improvement.

That’s where PoNS comes in. PoNS is a nonsurgical device that, when combined with physical rehabilitation exercise, significantly improves walking ability to help people with MS be more active and independent.

Difficulty walking is one of the most common limitations for people with MS

PoNS is proud to share Captain Byrne’s story

Meet Kevin Byrne, a retired U.S. Veteran

“After living with MS since 1999, gait difficulties took away my most valued treasure: quality adventures with my 13-year-old daughter. My focused PoNS Therapy® helped me improve my walking, and as a result… I experienced freedoms such as increased walking speed, endurance, and distance. As a reward for her support and motivation, Rogue and I will vacation in New York City to walk the streets of Manhattan and enjoy our favorite Broadway musicals! Thank you for the experiences I thought were lost forever.”

Witness Captain Byrne’s Progress Before and After PoNS Therapy

Individual results and experiences may vary. Talk to your doctor to see if PoNS is right for you.

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What is PoNS Therapy?

PoNS + PT = PoNS Therapy

PoNS Therapy is a comprehensive, one-on-one, 14-week program under the supervision of a trained physical rehabilitation specialist, also known as a PoNS Trainer. Throughout the 14 weeks, the participant completes therapeutic exercises while using the PoNS device to help improve walking ability.

The PoNS device is portable. That means PoNS Therapy can be completed primarily at home with check-ins from a PoNS Trainer.

If you’re receiving PT but your provider isn’t a PoNS Trainer, we encourage you to direct them to our FREE 100% online training by visiting our PoNS Training Page.

Individual results and experiences may vary. Talk to your doctor to see if PoNS is right for you.

PoNS Takes PT Further:

In a 14-week clinical trial, individuals with MS consistently using PoNS with PT improved gait scores by more than >2x vs individuals with MS using a sham device and PT.

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The PoNS® device is indicated for use as a short term treatment of gait deficit due to mild to moderate symptoms from multiple sclerosis and is to be used as an adjunct to a supervised therapeutic exercise program for adults 22 years of age and over by prescription only.

The PoNS® device delivers electrical stimulation directly to the surface of the tongue. Precautions for use are similar to those for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Electrical stimulation should not be used:

  • If there is an active or suspected malignant tumor
  • In areas of recent bleeding or open wounds
  • In areas that lack normal sensation

The PoNS® has not been tested on, and thus should not be used by individuals who are pregnant. Do not use the PoNS® if you are sensitive to nickel, gold or copper. For more information on safety and functional outcomes, click here.

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