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How PoNS® Works

Did you know that your tongue has nerves that connect to your brainstem?

Targeted sensory nerve endings on the tongue are stimulated by PoNS when it is placed correctly in the mouth. The PoNS non-surgical device uses electrical stimulation through the tongue to activate new pathways to the brain.

When used together with physical rehabilitation exercise, PoNS can help people with mild to moderate MS symptoms improve their gait.

    When the PoNS is on, the electrodes on the mouthpiece send mild electrical impulses through the tongue, which stimulates two cranial nerves connected to the tongue. This process is called translingual neurostimulation or TLNS.
    The electrical stimulation of these cranial nerves creates a flow of neural impulses that are delivered directly into the brainstem and cerebellum—the body’s movement control center.
    From the brainstem, these impulses travel throughout the brain and activate neurons and structures involved in human function.
    Over 14 weeks of therapy, the PoNS along with physical rehabilitation exercises, initiates a cascade of changes in multiple brain regions. Consistent application of PoNS Therapy provides a sustained neuromodulatory effect resulting in neuroplastic changes.
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