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What to expect with

Real Results

In a real-world analysis, 42 individuals with MS who completed the PoNS Therapy® program showed both clinically and statistically significant improvements in their functional gait assessment (FGA) scores. 58.3% of individuals in the study achieved at least a 4-point improvement by the end of 14 weeks of therapy.1

In a 14-week clinical trial, individuals with MS consistently using PoNS with physical therapy (PT) improved gait scores by more than >2x vs individuals with MS using a sham device and physical therapy.2

PoNS Clinical Data Presentation

One-On-One Support

PoNS Therapy is a comprehensive, one-on-one, 14-week program guided by a PoNS Trainer.

A Portable Treatment

PoNS is portable, which means PoNS Therapy can be completed primarily at home with check-ins from your PoNS Trainer.

Tailored to You

Your PoNS Therapy program will be tailored to your needs. Therapeutic activities with PoNS may include:

  • Balance training
  • Gait training
  • Breathing and awareness training
  • Other neuro-rehabilitative exercises

PoNS Therapy Application


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