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PoNS Therapy® and APTA: Your Partners in Treating Gait Deficit for Patients with MS

The American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting (APTA CSM) is almost here! We at Helius Medical are so excited to be a part of the largest physical therapy conference of the year. Innovative therapies, like PoNS Therapy®, in physical rehabilitation are only growing in importance, especially for multiple sclerosis-related (MS) gait deficits.
Gait impairment is a hallmark feature of MS and a common method of monitoring the progress of disease and neurological disability. Gait deficit and a fear of falling can take both a physical and mental toll on a patient’s life, preventing them from completing everyday tasks such as getting the mail or walking their dog. PoNS®, an orally applied neuromodulation therapy for those with MS, was built to help them get back in step with life.
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[PoNS] gave me that nice toolbox… with a lot of these different tools for exercises that I could have with the patient.
– Dr Chatiwala, PT, DPT, MS, NCS at Rehab Health 360, and board-certified neuro clinical specialist

Combined with physical rehabilitation exercise, known as PoNS Therapy, PoNS can help patients significantly improve their gait to help keep them active and independent.

PoNS is delivered by neurostimulation through a mouthpiece that rests on the tongue and is connected to a portable controller. Through targeted sensory nerve endings on the tongue connected to the brainstem, PoNS uses electrical stimulation to promote adaptive changes. This leads to the development of new neurite/axonal networks to replace/repair impaired corticospinal tract pathways that deliver the signal to the spinal cord.

Hear real results! What patients and physical rehabilitation specialists are saying about PoNS.

My focused PoNS therapy helped me improve my walking, and as a result of my improved walking I experienced freedoms such as increased walking speed, endurance, and distance

– Kevin Byrne, PoNS patient

See for yourself how Kevin’s ability to walk improved over the course of 14 weeks using PoNS Therapy.
Kevin_Byrne_PoNS_Therapy_tall resized
I have found that stability has improved in all three of my patients [after using PoNS Therapy].

– Dr Chatiwala, PT, DPT, MS, NCS
at Rehab Health 360 and board-certified neuro clinical specialist

Listen to what else Dr Chatiwala had to say about PoNS on a special episode of the MSing Link podcast, an online wellness program for MS hosted by Dr Gretchen Hawley.

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Our team will be attending the APTA CSM in Boston, MA February 15-17, 2024. Visit booth #7074 and speak with our team in person!

You can also visit the PoNS Professional Training page to take the first step towards improving outcomes for patients with MS.

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