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“My first experience with PoNS Therapy has been a true success!  I have worked with a fabulous patient with multiple sclerosis for over 9 years.  Our primary focus in traditional outpatient physical therapy involved strengthening and balance training in order to maintain her function.  While her functional abilities had only declined slightly over the past 3-4 years, her abilities really had not improved.  This patient required heavy assistance from a wheeled walker for ambulation. Additionally, she would get quite fatigued with activity and this limited her ability to independently ambulate in the community safely for longer periods of time.  On average, the patient was able to tolerate gait training on level even surfaces with her walker or on a treadmill for about 5-10 mins before she needed a rest.  Her gait deviations included a significant drop foot on the right and minimal active hip flexion which resulted in a compensatory gait pattern of circumduction.”

“After completing 14 weeks of PoNS Therapy at our clinic, I was amazed to see significant improvements in all areas of function for this patient!  Her walking tolerance is now 20-30 minutes and she has been able to transition to the use of bilateral Loftstrand crutches, which have provided her with much improved accessibility as well as helped to reduce strain on her shoulders.  Her balance improved such that the patient is now able to walk more comfortably. Additionally, the patient’s compensatory hip circumduction has decreased significantly due to improved active strength and coordination of the right hip flexor which has resulted in a steadier gait.”

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