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I have been living with MS for 35 years and have just completed my 14 week of PoNS Therapy. I am impressed with the results. The difference is apparent on before- and after- videos of me on the treadmill, and I feel steadier and more self-assured in my overall ability to move. I feel my improved gait since PoNS has led me to attempt things such as parking further from an entrance to a store or across the street from my destination instead of circling the block to find a closer spot. As a result of my improved walking, I was able to participate in a more active excursion on my vacation, such as walking, swimming, and scrambling through an underground cave in the Yucatan. My starting speed on the treadmill went from 1.3 to 2.6 during the protocol. PoNS Therapy was a serious commitment of time and energy but the improvements in my gait, at least for me, have changed my life.

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