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Mirasol Jacobs, PT, DPT

Physical therapist recommends PoNS Therapy for people with gait difficulties due to MS

“I have been impressed by the improvement in my patients with use of PoNS Therapy.  As a physical therapist, my job is making goals and assessing progress through objective measurements so I am well-attuned to the expected rates of progression for certain diagnoses.  I have been surprised by the speed and depth of improvement that […]

Morgan Dux, ClearCut ORTHO

“My first experience with implementing the PoNS device and protocol into treatments was seamless and effective in ensuring compliance in the home exercise program. Prior to treatments, I was able to review frequency of the home exercise program, which aided in compliance through the program protocol for maximum results. The device is easy to use […]

Emily Craigen, PT, DPT

“My first experience with PoNS Therapy has been a true success!  I have worked with a fabulous patient with multiple sclerosis for over 9 years.  Our primary focus in traditional outpatient physical therapy involved strengthening and balance training in order to maintain her function.  While her functional abilities had only declined slightly over the past […]

Dr. Naseem Chatiwala, PT, DPT, MS, NCS

“As a physical therapist, I have worked with many patients with neurological deficits. When I heard about PoNS, I had doubts that tongue-based electrical stimulation could effectively retrain the brain to improve walking ability. But as I worked with Anna, the improvement was undeniable. I’m excited about using PoNS with more patients”.

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