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Gaining Confidence Again

“When my physiotherapist told me they’d be offering PoNS Therapy™ at my clinic, I was very excited. Overall, I found the 14-week program easy to follow, if a bit time-consuming. Initially, I was frustrated by the lack of progress I saw, but by the end of the program, my gait and walking ability improved.” “For […]

Finding the Support She Needed

“PoNS Therapy™ enabled me to improve my walking. Some tasks seem easier, which makes my daily life better.” “My walking has improved enough that I rely on walking support devices, like a cane, less often.”

The Path to Managing My MS

“PoNS Therapy™ was the next step for me in my MS journey after being diagnosed almost 15 years ago. It was exciting but is a lot of work and a big commitment. My wonderful PoNS® Trainer worked with me diligently, answered all of my many questions, kept me motivated and provided different strategies when I […]

Seeing Progress

“As someone who has had MS for over 40 years, I viewed PoNS® as something to not only expand my rehabilitation routine, but to push me both physically and mentally.” “While I encountered barriers along the way and progress was slow and steady, my walking with assistance is much better when completing my exercises and […]

Modified Approach

“I will say that the PoNS® program was quite a vigorous workout for me, especially the first few weeks.” “Propel Physiotherapy did a great job prescribing and modifying the exercises to suit my condition. My walking distance (with a rollator) improved substantially.”

Encouraging Improvements

“I was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and have Secondary Progressive MS. I’ve been using a walker for quite some time and adjusted my gait pattern to compensate for any changes.” “While the 14-week program was a big commitment, PoNS Therapy™ resulted in improvements in my gait. I can walk using walking poles […]

Going the Extra Mile

“After meeting and discussing my personal needs with Dr. Cline and Marcela at the Cline Medical Centre in Nanaimo, without hesitation I knew I had to give PoNS® my very best effort. With their heartfelt encouragement and excellent training program, I recognized improvements in my gait.” “To sum up the 14-week program, I can now […]

Customized Care

“Though filled with hope when first learning about PoNS®, I had convinced myself to take the “wait and see” approach.” “Then I found Novah Healthcare, with Clinic Director Dr. Trung Ngo and Resident Physiotherapist Asha Chaudhary. Their altruistic approach and flexibility to my availability were amazing. As a result of the customized program they put […]

Kerrie Walters

I have been living with MS for 35 years and have just completed my 14 week of PoNS Therapy. I am impressed with the results. The difference is apparent on before- and after- videos of me on the treadmill, and I feel steadier and more self-assured in my overall ability to move. I feel my […]

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